Our History

Reverend Leon T. Parker (October 1957 - April 1970)

Our organizer, the Reverend Leon T. Parker, came to us from Essex County, Virginia. He established the New Home Baptist Church in 1957. Reverend Parker’s faith and determination were deeply gratifying and the chartered members gave him the honor of serving as our first pastor. On February 22, 1958, the Recognition Council of Baptist Conference was called to set New Home Baptist Church apart as a regular Missionary Baptist Church.

Reverend John R. Lee (June 1970 - January 1971)

On June 6, 1970, the Church elected Reverend John R. Lee as the second Pastor of New Home Baptist Church. The Church continued to grow as a saving station for lost souls.

Reverend James T. Gilchrist (June 1971 - December 1984)

In June 1971, Reverend James T. Gilchrist was elected as the third Pastor of New Home Baptist Church. Under his leadership, God’s flock flourished. On October 21, 1977, Reverend Bobby Darin Hicks was licensed as a minster to preach the Gospel following his initial sermon. On December 8, 1979, Reverend Bobby D. Hicks, the first son of New Home Baptist Church, was ordained as a minister. On June 25, 1982, Reverend Bobby D. Hicks was elected as Assistant Pastor of the New Home Baptist Church. On April 29, 1983, Deacon Ernest N. Johnson was licensed as a minister following his initial sermon.

In December 1984, Reverend Bobby D. Hicks was selected to lead the Church until a pastor was elected, as Reverend James T. Gilchrist no longer served in this position.

Reverend Bobby Darin Hicks (March 1985 - June 2022) 

On March 30, 1985, our Assistant Pastor, Reverend Bobby D. Hicks was elected as the fourth Pastor of New Home Baptist Church. God also blessed us with a beautiful First Lady, Tyonnie Gibson Hicks. Together, they are blessed with two sons, Reverend Jeremiah Hicks and Aaron Hicks.

Pastor Hicks is truly a blessing sent by God to the New Home Baptist Church. Under his leadership, we continued to move forward in service to the Lord. Reverend Ernest N. Johnson was later elected as Assistant Pastor of New Home Baptist Church, December 6, 1986 and has also served as the Church Administrator since October 18, 1999.

New Home Baptist Church relocated several times during its history. The original location was 2900 11th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. We moved later to 116 9th Street, N.W., then moved to 1000 M. Street, N.W. before another move to 3497 Holmead Place, N.W. in 1959. On December 5, 1967, the building and property at 3423 Holmead Place, N.W. was purchased. By November 25, 1979, New Home Baptist Church moved into a reconstructed edifice at 3423 Holmead Place, N.W., Washington, D.C.

Under Pastor Hicks’ leadership, various purchases and additions were made that enhanced the ministry offered to the church and community. In 1990, while walking within our Pastor’s vision, we purchased land in Landover, Maryland for the future home of our Church. The Lord blessed New Home to pay-off that land on October 1, 1992.

Our Building Fund Committee was reestablished in November 1992. It consisted of one member from each ministry of the Church. The purpose of this committee was to give primary attention to reaching our financial goals through structured directives. The objective was to motivate this body of believers to fortify, focus and follow through on reaching our goals and to educate the body relative to resources outside our gates. Our goals were to expose the body to fellowship within our community that would filter resources back to our body and share with them what other churches were doing in accordance with the Word of God.

God continued to smile favorably on New Home Baptist Church. On Saturday, October 14, 1995, we held our groundbreaking celebration in Landover, Maryland for our new church edifice at 8320 Landover Road, Landover, MD 20785. We moved into our new edifice in November 1997 and held a week of dedication services that included a several gifted and anointed preachers.

As God continues to use Pastor Hicks to preach and teach His Word with power, conviction and authority and give him vision for the direction of the church, New Home continues to add new members to its ministry. Our membership has continued to grow both spiritually and physically. Not only are they new converts to Christianity or those with Christian experience, but also preachers from area churches.

We are truly recipients of the promise God declared in Jeremiah 3:15, “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” We thank God for our present Pastor, the dynamic Reverend Bobby Darin Hicks, who also instituted Finding . . . Feeding . . .Fencing . . . as our church motto. This is evidence that we are led by a true believer and man of God who recognizes that the true work of ministry is to evangelize to those who are lost, give them the Word of God and build up their spiritual strength through application of God’s Word. We thank you Lord.

Reverend Anthony R. Medlock (June 2022 - present) 

On June 12, 2022, Reverend Anthony R. Medlock was installed as the fifth Pastor of New Home Baptist Church with the loving and loyal support of First Lady, Reverend Joyce C. Medlock. As a Son of the Church, Pastor Medlock served faithfully at New Home Baptist Church for many years in several capacities before God spoke to his heart to leave Maryland and organize a Church in Charlotte, NC. In submission and obedience to the voice of God, Pastor Medlock served as the Pastor of Resurrection Life Community Church, Charlotte, NC for 16 years. 

Pastor Anthony R. and First Lady, Rev. Joyce C. Medlock have been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this to lead God's people!