Course Overview:
When we know who we are and whose we are, we rise to the potential of what Christ has defined for our lives. We walk in confidence and liberty knowing that it is not what we do, what we wear or who we know that gives us worth, but rather we have worth simply b/c we are children of God. This knowledge helps alleviates the peer pressure that our youth feel to compromise to fit in. It helps our young people to know that they are loved by God, so they don’t have to succumb to sexual pressure to be loved. Most importantly, when our young people come to know that God loves them so much that before they were born He created them with a unique purpose that only they could fulfill, it will spawn a greater love for Him and creates a desire in them to discover all He has created them to be.

WEEK ONE: Introduction
• Who You Are and Why It Matters
• You Are Who God Says You Are

WEEK TWO: Intentionality - How Your Story Begins
• You Are Created with a Purpose
• You Are Uniquely Designed
• You Are Not Perfect
• You Are Uniquely Broken
• You Are Invited to Know God Personally
• You Are Able to Test Your Relationship with God
• You Are Part of God’s Epic Plan

WEEK THREE: Identity - Who You Are in Christ
• You Are Beloved as God’s Adopted Child
• You Are Blessed as God’s Spiritual Son
• You Are Saved as God’s New Creation
• You Are Forgiven as God’s Redeemed Saint
• You Are Sealed as God’s Prized Possession
• You Are Belonging as a Member of God’s Church
• You Are Inhabited as God’s Dwelling Place
• You Are Gifted as God’s Specialized Worker
• You Are Commissioned as God’s Kingdom Ambassador
• You Are Shining as God’s Light in the Darkness
• You Are Victorious as God’s Spiritual Warrior

WEEK FOUR: Inheritance - What You Have in Christ
• You Have Resources and a Rich Inheritance from
• Your Father
• You Have Access and Authority through Jesus
• You Have Empowerment and Enablement through the Holy Spirit
• You Have Hope and a Home in Heaven
• You Have Peace and Provision through Prayer
• You Have Truth and Transformation through the Word

WEEK FIVE: Imperatives - Embracing Your Identity
• You Must Renew Your Thinking
• You Must Upgrade Your Speaking
• You Must Cleanse Your Heart
• You Must Walk by the Spirit
• You Must Walk in Love at All Times
• You Must Walk in Honor at Home
• You Must Walk in Service at Work

WEEK SIX: Immovable - Standing Strong
• You Can Be Strong during Spiritual Attack
• You Can Be Triumphant during Temptation
• You Can Be Constant during Criticism
• You Can Be Faithful after Failure
• You Can Be Loyal after Loss
• You Can Be Glorifying to God at All Times
• You Can Be Found Faithful in the End


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